March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Recap

Sometimes I feel like all I do in life in throw parties.
It's a good life. 
This weekend Ali and I threw a small St. Patrick's Day party for some of our mutual friends in the Comms program.
Between that, my class party a few weeks ago, a bridal shower I'm helping host at the end of March, and a possible graduation party for Chin in April, my life consists of about two things: party planning and running around like a maniac trying to keep up with school.
So, school, it's time for you to end, and to keep the parties coming.

Ali and I were both worried about how the party would turn out. We didn't really know who all was coming (or if anyone would show up at all), and we had never really planned a get-together with each other before. 
But I learned that Ali and I make a great team in pretty much every aspect of our friendship, and that we are partners in crime in every way.

some shots from the night:

green velvet cupcakes adapted from that cake I made...

Fun striped straws added a little pizazz to our otherwise casual get-together

Ali made cucumber sandwiches which were probably some of the most delicious tasting things I have ever eaten. I could have eaten 1,000 of them.

So much food, a few streamers, and some pom poms made our table fun

I bought some vanilla candy melts and dipped oreos in them to make a rainbow, then used marshmallows for the clouds at the bottom. They added such a great pop of color an were so easy!
 partners in crime

The glitter girls minus Mads and Tills. All these girls are in the comms program with me, and I feel so lucky to have friends that I see every day and that we share so much in common.

Ali whipping the boys on the love seat into shape

It doesn't get much prettier than this.

We had a raffle to win a "pot of gold" and Kimmi won it!

Amber and Seth. Poor Seth thought us comms majors were all a bunch of crazies, but he was a great sport and are they not the cutest couple, like ever?

I was so happy to have all 3 of those girls here. Alyssa (on the left) thinks I'm a total freak because I tried to kiss her hand once (wait what?), and Chelsey is one of the coolest girls I know. 
And megan (in the green)? Well she's a glitter girl. Nuff said.

Overall it was a booming success. How was your St. Patty's Day?

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Chelsey Saatkamp said...

Great food and great people! I had so much fun - thanks again Hayley and Ali!