April 16, 2012


This week, that guy I live with graduates. That guy called Chin.
And let me just say a few words about this kid, and hopefully I won't melt from being a big fat pile of sap.
In all my whole life, I have never met a student like this one.
Having been married for almost two years, and being students the entire time, I've had the opportunity to watch Chin grow and progress during his final two years at BYU.
I've watched him make countless good grades in all of his classes, never allowing anything but the best to be acceptable.
I've watched him slave over final exams, organic chemistry tests, and biology questions that look like a different language.
I've watched him work tirelessly, for months on end, as he studied and prepared to take the MCAT.
And all the while watched become an increasingly wonderful husband, friend, and person.

There aren't enough words in a dictionary to explain how proud I am of Christian for working so hard, graduating at the top of his class, and being the best man I know. Love you.

 And come Thursday, once he's really, truly, a full-blown college grad, I think we'll both be acting like crazy people. Maybe even resembling madness such as this:

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Unknown said...

Do you guys know where you're headed for med school?