August 13, 2012

The First Day of School

I managed to snap this photo right before Christian left for school this morning. I'm not even really sure what I said to him since it was so early (7:15 is early for me- and that's just me being a baby), but I think it was something along the lines of, "Okay smile... Okay have a good day bye."
I'm just so kind and articulate in the morning.
It was so weird for me to send Chin off to school, without me walking up to campus with him like it's been for the past two years. It was even weirder that my Dad drove him to school, and I went back to bed in my bedroom in my parents' home. 
Everything about these next four months seems so unconventional, but I still couldn't help but feel so excited for Christian on his first day of school.

My motherly instincts kicked into full gear (something that NEVER happens), and as he walked out the door this morning my heart was pounding in my chest.
All I could think was, "I hope every one is nice to him" and "I hope he can find his way around" and "what if he doesn't like it?"
It was as if my 24 year old husband all of a sudden was a 5 year old again on his first day of kindergarten. It made me worried about how I'll be with our actual children someday.

Regardless of my weird anxious feelings, I couldn't help but feel really REALLY proud of Chin. This day that we'd been talking about for so long, for what seems like forever, was finally here. For Christian, it's the first day that his career begins to start. Because at the end of these four years, Christian will be Dr. Pingree. 
So happy first day of school, to my future Doctor Chin.


Sarah Burchett said...

This is just so exciting! Hope everything goes well!

Ali Kirk said...

I literally had to wipe my eyes after proud of chin AND proud of you!! I think being a wife to a med student is hard work too! Love you bebe xoxo