September 4, 2012

Fall Lust

Fall's going to be a little different this year, but I'm determined to make the most of it. One weekend a month I'll be heading home to Rochester to see Christian, and I'm hoping to cross off a few things on my fall list (apple picking, seeing the tepees at Power's Farmer's Market, and making a pie for each person at Thanksgiving to name a few). Fall in New York, and New England itself is a spectacle, and I feel grateful to be making trips back there during the most beautiful time of the year. 
There are some memories in life that stay with you forever, and growing up to see upstate New York in the fall is one of them. I put together some of my favorite photos from my pinboards on Pinterest that I've pinned over the past couple years that I've been on the site, that make me hope and beg that Fall will come sooner rather than later this year.

For the Home:

While looking for our new apartment when Chin and I are finally both in New York permanently, my main focus is on having a suitable (and let's be honest-- much better) kitchen. I can't look at this kitchen and not wish that I could import it into what I'm sure will be our very small apartment. Everything about it, the rustic table, the apples... They all remind me of fall. (source)

Anyone else think this door looks like pumpkin pie? I love it and need it. (source)

For the Closet:

I recently bought a pair of ponte pants from the J.Crew factory (find them here) that I'm sure are going to be my staple for fall and winter. A mixture of pants with an almost leggings feel (they're unbelievably thick but are stretchy in all the right places), I feel comfortable wearing them, since they conform well to my body without making me feel naked or immodest like leggings can so often do to women. I want to recreate this outfit below with my ponte pants, and an emerald green wool Banana Republic coat that I found at a thrift store for an unbelievable price.

For a day that's not cold enough for a jacket, this outfit looks effortlessly chic with a hint of prep. And THAT SKIRT. (source)

I honestly cannot get enough of kelly green + cheetah print for fall. My favorite combo by far, and can easily be dressed up or down. (source)

For the Taste Buds:

Mini Ham and Gruyere Turnovers... Need I say more? Pair them with a fresh tomato soup and I'm a goner. They're so cute! (recipe here)

One of my favorite pins ever, this Roasted Pumpkin Soup goes along with a whole list of Martha Stewart's vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes. While I'm alllll about the turkey (and meat in general) on Thanksgiving, so many of these dishes look delicious all fall long, and look healthy too! They'd make great side dishes on Thanksgiving. (recipe here)

And last but not least: Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwiches. For a sweet treat on a perfect fall day, these have been tempting me ever since I pinned them. (recipe here)

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