September 24, 2012

Our Weekend

This weekend was the first of four this semester that I'll visit Chin.
I've been trying to decide what I wanted to write about it, but currently all that I'm thinking is how refreshing it was to see him.
When you spend your life (the 3 years that we've been together at least) with someone, you don't realize how much they really are a part of every aspect of your life. And then, when you have to be apart, you hurt and hurt and hurt but then you get on with your life and keep going. And you still hurt but the hurt is masked most of the time by schedules and projects and other people who make life a little brighter.
And then, you see that person again and you take a breath of fresh air. You remember all over again how vital they are to you, and you remember that you never really stopped remembering that and how hard it is to be without them.
You start thinking how it's impossible to go back to your other double-life and leave behind the one person who makes your life the brightest.
It's a cycle that pulls at so many emotions in such a short time.
In other words, I loved being with Christian this weekend, and it took every ounce of determination that I possessed to say goodbye to him again. I'm sure that I sound overly-dramatic, but I think anyone who has been in this situation (and probably in a more dramatic situation than mine) can understand. 
It was a short three days, but just enough time to remember how much Christian makes me laugh and how much fun we have when we're together. There's something about Skype and texting and phone calls that just doesn't convey the reality of being with someone in person.

We spent our time together eating long meals with my parents and grandparents, taking a traditional trip to the apple farm, and staying up way too late talking about anything and everything (I'm not sure I'll ever get over how great it is to be able to have sleepovers with him).
In other words, I'm so happy that I get to see Chin, even if it's just for a few days once a month. Graduating from college is a decision I know I will never regret, and even though it's excruciating to be away from the person in this world that I love the most, these weekend trips make this tough semester worth it (and so will being able to say that I have a bachelor's degree from a top-notch university).  


hayley jo said...

Ohh Hayley!!! I am so happy you guys were reunited for a few days!! I hope you are doing well with everything.

SarahJane Miller said...

Yay! you go to see your hubby! You are amazing for doing this. I definitely am not strong enough.

Mrs. Bowden said...

You are definitely not being overdramatic! I felt some of those same feelings while Tyson I did long distance through our engagement- but it would be so different being married. You're a rockstar!

Kerri Rogers said...

oh so happy you got to see your husband! i can't imagine being separated from mine for a whole semester! :( it will be worth it in the end!