November 12, 2012

A Place to Call Home

Today we found out where we're going to be living for the next 3 1/2 years. It's safe to say I'm freaking out because I've been hunting for a place since July. Which makes sense because naturally when you need a place for December you start looking in the middle of summer. Like any self-respecting crazy person does.

So here are the details.
We found our new home and instantly fell in love. It's a small 3 bedroom, 1 bath house in a small neighborhood in Rochester. In between the suburbs and the city, it's the perfect location for us (close to so many things including school, work, and most importantly Wegmans). 
It has hardwood floors, tall barn ceilings, a kitchen about to be remodeled, a yard, patio, and open basement. Did I also mention that since it has 3 bedrooms, Chin and I get our own office spaces? So if you follow me on pinterest and see me pinning office supplies galore, that's why.
Basically we are thrilled and cannot WAIT to move in come December! The wait is over, and so is the stress that comes along with it.

p.s. I would have shown a picture of the outside but it just scares me a little to put that personal of a picture on the Internet. But you best believe that I'll keep you updated with the progress of our move in, and give a house tour when it's all set up and ready!


Amber said...

Yahoo! I'm glad you two found a place!

Anonymous said...

So Exciting!! It sounds perfect.