November 26, 2012

Home Stretch

All of a sudden November has come and gone, along with Thanksgiving and my sanity.
I think people are starting to get annoyed with me because every other thing I say is, "I can't believe it's almost December!"
Okay so duh it's almost December can I give it a rest already?
But seriously, I graduate from COLLEGE (what the) in 2 and 1/2 weeks and I can't wrap my head around it. Even though I never really checked into school (that's a lie, sort of), I found myself checking out of this semester back in October and now I can't believe that I'm actually still alive.

I'm pleasantly surprised with how quickly this semester has gone (catch me on a bad day and I'll say the exact opposite). Between traveling across the country four times and school and work, there have only been a few select moments where I've had time to sit and cry and pout about this frustrating and sometimes lonely situation I'm in. 

Can we talk about this end of semester thing for just one more second? I know that I'm not the only one graduating from college and that it's not that uncommon of a thing... But when does a person go from being an unruly, teenage, high school grad to a functioning, adult member of society? How am I supposed to go from a college student who takes naps in between classes to an adult with an 8-5 job and a credit card bill? I guess it's supposed to be a gradual transition and I'm sure looking back I'll see that it was, but I sometimes feel like life moves at warp-speed and it's all one huge adjustment from one phase to another. These past few years have been so routine-less that I'm starting to think that our mini life-routines are one big hoax. There's no such thing as staying the same.
And that just turned into one huge random rant of a paragraph and I'm done now so sorry about that. 
Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving day at home with Chin and my family. It was, of course and as always, the best week of my life being able to be with Christian and spend some quality time with him. It also happened to be unbelievably busy getting ready for the holidays and getting ready to move into our new place in December (!).



Can you blame me for not wanting to have to keep saying goodbye to this?

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