December 3, 2012

The Dream List

I'm excited for Christmas this year. Maybe it's the angst I feel over not being able to decorate my own home for Christmas, or the excitement I feel about being able to spend 2 uninterrupted weeks with Chin, and then not having to say goodbye that is making me go crazy for Christmas this year. Either way, I am freaking out and I just can't wait to take naps by the fire and wrap presents and drink way too much hot chocolate. 

All I really want this Christmas is to be able to relax with Christian. I know I talk about it all the time but I am just happy to be almost done with this semester and to have our life as a married couple go back to "normal." (relative term)
I did, however, put together a little list of dream Christmas list items. Because you can't blame me for dreaming. 

 I want a leather watch REAL bad. I love my white ceramic watch that Chin gave me, but this Kate Spade one is perfect for a darker outfit.

This waffle maker isn't so much a dream item as much as it is an awesome item. How cute would it be to wake up to make HEART waffles? I don't think I could like breakfast any more than if I had these once a week.

I was driving with a bin of my dishes in my trunk a while ago, and I wasn't paying attention and drove over a MASSIVE speed bump at 35 mph. Besides freaking out (like screaming at the top of my lungs), a bunch of my dishes broke. I was pretty bummed. So this ikat dinnerware is a necessity, no?

 I love these loafers. They're about as classic as it gets. I'm a shoe person and I don't think I should be judged for having multiple pair of cognac-colored leather shoes! One can never have enough!

Hunters. Ohhhh Hunters. They're super trendy right now, I know. But since I'm moving to a place that has only 100 days of sun per year, I think having a solid pair of rain boots is kind of important. Plus, we're going to Ireland in MARCH, where I'm positive it will rain most of the time. So why not get drenched in style?

What's on your dream Christmas list this year?


Shelby Clark said...

Hayley, I got a pair of Hunters for Christmas this year (I am obviously not one for surprises). They were on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $37 bucks!!! I was completely baffled and so excited! You should go check and see if they he any in your size!!

Kylie said...

I may have gotten those loafers in black for my birthday! They're sooooo comfy!

Rosa Ali ramrattan said...

great list...