January 28, 2013

Around the House...

I'm posting just a few photos of what I've been working on lately. To you all you expert interior designers out there, how do you decide when your work is finished? We still have a million projects left to do (Chin's office isn't even unpacked yet), but eventually when things start to wind down, how will I say, "my work here is done?" 
Regardless, I'm having a blast working on our little space that has quickly become home for us. If you refer back to the "Before" pictures I took, it really does look like an entirely different place altogether. 
We're planning on hosting a housewarming party (mainly just because I haven't thrown a real, Pingree party for months now) sometime in March, and I'm hoping to have all the rooms in our tiny house put together by then. I'll probably do a virtual tour sometime around then as well. But here are just a few shots of what's coming together so far:

My office:
It's a little hard to tell, but I painted the room the softest version of blush pink I could find, called "Pink Sea Salt (by Martha Stewart)." The wall gallery is still coming together, but I tried to find prints that reflected my personal style and my wanderlust tendencies. The rug is an old rug my dad found in Morocco about 10 years ago. My parents never use it and let us borrow it for a while. I love it. The desk was about as cheap as they come from Target, and the chair was going to be thrown out at my dad's office, and so he brought it home to see if we wanted it. So overall, a pretty inexpensive way to decorate!

My clothing rack has proven to not only be decorative but extremely functional as well. I put all my favorite pieces on there and now I know exactly where something is when I'm in a rush. 

I made this garland for a bridal shower a while back, and somehow it made it all the way to NY from UT. We couldn't get our down duvet back, but don't worry the homemade tulle garland is safe!

The Living Room:
Probably my favorite room of the house as of late, mostly because of the architectural charm it possesses. I didn't picture it, but it has wood beam barn ceilings and scalloped trim, and it was too pretty to paint. We call the style of our living room "The London Look," because my dream in life is to live in the UK and we wanted to bring a little bit of it here to Upstate NY. I've been keeping with the color scheme of poppy red, charcoal, cream, tan, and touches of black. It sounds a little dreary but I think the colors add a bit of modernity to the gingerbread style of our house. 

This horsehead lamp was on clearance at West Elm over the summer, the books were found for 50 cents each at a barn sale, and the bowl was a clearance Target find last fall.

Our couch is (still) being reupholstered, so our comfy T.J. Maxx chair has been our only place to really sit in our living room. We have some Pier 1 director's chairs not pictured, but they're not the most comfortable and Chin and I find ourselves sneaking into the big chair whenever possible. Our rug was 75% off at Rugs USA over Black Friday weekend this past year (we're obsessed with it), the queen of hearts pillow was a T.J. Maxx find, and the side table (on clearance) and the floor pouf were both Target finds.

We used Ikea $10 lack tables as our coffee table (they were the perfect size and color!), and the coasters and candles are from Ikea as well. My Grandpa made me the gold box for Christmas last year.

Our entryway is tiny, but I love the faux oil lamp that came with the house. Literally, it's bolted into that nook. It's not going anywhere. 

The Dining Room:
It doesn't really have a set color scheme, but we decided on a delicately light grey color for the walls for a neutral tone. Our farmhouse table is really the star of the room, we refinished it ourselves and absolutely love it (plus it has a leaf that can fit 10 people around it!). It was found at a local consignment store. The fabric chairs were on clearance at Home Goods and the wooden chairs were $5 each on the side of the road (originally from Pier 1). The chandelier is from Ikea.

Kitchen Details:
The kitchen has required a lot of work, and is still in the process of being remodeled. So far though, we really enjoy it. Our breakfast nook is great for breakfast, lunch, and leftover dinners. I painted the table (found at a local consignment) white with gold colorblocking, and my grandpa refinished the top of it for me. The chairs were found at a barn sale and still need to be painted. 

This cart used to be a holder for tools at a mechanics shop, and we found it at a barn sale for $15. My Grandpa (who really is a superstar if you can't tell by now) cleaned it up, painted it, and built a wood top for it that's removable. So I can use it as a work space/island in the kitchen, or take the wood top off and use it as a cart for serving/parties in the dining room or living room!

Hope you enjoyed some of the details of our place as it comes slowly together. I'll get a full tour up once I feel like it's complete (which may be never!). :)


Kylie said...

Your remodeling efforts have definitely paid off! I almost like the look of the chairs unpainted--rustic but flows nicely with the table with the kitchen aid on it!

Karen said...

I am obsessed, you are so talented. I can not wait to decorate my own home one day. Good job!

Kelli said...

Really cute home! You have an eye for decorating! We don't really know each other, I know you because I married into the Matthews family that you and your husband know from the hill Cumorah pageant. I found your blog just a week ago and I love it! I can totally relate with your last posts about weight and gaining weight when married!! It's the worst, but you've totally inspired me to kick it back into gear! Keep posting!!!!

anna said...

so darling! i love all of the charm that is built into the house, but your decor really makes it current and so warm! seriously, a home like this is my dream!



Xan Craven said...

It is looking GORGEOUS!!! And I'll vouch for its super coziness too!!

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

i love love love it hayley! sometime we will be inviting ourselves over to visit...just saying :)