March 11, 2013

Getting There

It seems that March has brought us a storm of to-do lists that never end. This weekend was the busiest of the busiest (and not necessarily the most pleasant) and it had me actually looking forward to Monday so I could maybe get my life/routine back, even if just for a couple days. 
We leave for Ireland on Sunday and I'm not sure if it's just because I planned the trip by myself and the success of it is riding on my shoulders, but I am freaking out a little. I'm not the most laid back person to begin with (you should see me when I'm late to something... not pretty), and the hype I feel about our upcoming trip is sending me into overdrive. I like having a lot of things to do so this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but things are definitely hectic around here. My suitcase has been packed for a few days (you see what I mean about anxious?) and so if you see me the next couple of days wearing pants that are four sizes too big and a t shirt running around like a nutcase, you've been warned. 
Regardless of the stress that comes with getting ready for a big trip, we are bouncing up and down over here with excitement. The stress is GOOD stress and I'd rather be stressed out over something fun and exciting so I really shouldn't even be worried. But how do you tell a naturally bred worrier not to worry? 

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that this week is Cray with a capital C. Chin takes his cumulative final for this block on Friday and once he is done, break officially begins! So bring it on, Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday). 

Even my writing is sounding hectic today.

And for your viewing pleasure... How could you not love this little face?


Rand-MOE-ness said...

I am completely obsessed with Lady! Softest cutest little puppy EVER!

Rand-MOE-ness said...

Oh and Jimmy is making a list of good irish things to do! And Jim's mom and bro didn't drink and still loved the Guinness brewery --So worth it and very interesting!

Jaeme + Randy said...

All the stress will be SO worth it once you are on your way! Have so much fun, I can't wait to hear all about it!