February 22, 2013

So 22

I turned 22 yesterday. And ohhh what an age 22 is. I'd like to say it's the perfect age. You're still young and spry, but at the same time, you've passed that awkward bump that's 21 and are no longer considered "barely an adult." You have one whole year of adulthood under your belt and you've learned a thing or two since then. You're willing to take on more responsibility, and you're no longer "just another college girl." You're a functioning member of society with the ups and downs that comes along with that. So I'm happy to be 22. I liked being 21 too; the thrill of finally reaching adulthood and the sense of accomplishment that came with that, that was nice. But for me 21 was a growth period. I slumped and bumped along for half of that year, and then decided to make some changes to better myself. Now I'm 22 and the ball is rolling and I'm fresh and clean and it's just one more step in this progression. And I'm pretty happy about it. I won't be 22 forever, so I guess I'll enjoy it while I can.
Yesterday ended up being pretty low key. I've been on my sick death bed all week, so after a short (and pretty pathetic) attempt at picking up my exercise routine in the morning, I headed to Med School Wive's Club that my mother (usually it's just us med wives, but we were graced with the prescence of my mother, grandma, and a few family friends) offered to host for my birthday. I was blown away and honored that my mom went to so much trouble to make our luncheon special for me yesterday. She thought of basically everything and the table was a beautiful sea of pink and gold, my two favorite colors of all time. You're never too old for pink, right? She made, well, pretty much everything. You see it, name it, she made it. 

Homemade pom pom toppers on top of Wegmans cupcakes (I died).

I loved the little touches like the gold jungle animals (dollar toy stores she spray painted) and succulents for each girl, planted in a hand-painted tea cup.
(Photo below courtesy of Xan Craven)

My mother and I both share a love for decorating with Chinese takeout boxes, these were the perfect pink! I also loved the little Hors D'Oeuvres table!

My pictures, as always, don't do the table justice. I love the polka-dotted burlap runner my mother sewed, as well as the hand-dipped vase filled to the brim with Trader Joe's florals.

 Chin and his buddies got out of class early yesterday, and since all their wives were over for the luncheon, they surprised us by popping in and studying at my parents' house for a few hours while we partied. Bless them.

So grateful for my friends and family (near and far) who made my day special. 'Specially love my Mama and the Wives Club (missing you Liz!), and Ali Kirk because I'm obsessed with her. 

My Grandma made it to the luncheon to give me kisses and tell embarrassing stories about me which I don't mind one bit. She's the best lady out there.

I took Lady to the vet for a checkup in the late afternoon, got a nap in (!), and then Chin and I went to dinner at Good Luck. I'd been wanting to try it for a while and we decided to go and were so happy about it. It's a Farm-to-Table restaurant where every thing they serve is made to scratch in house (so so fresh). They serve it to you family style, and slowly bring you out each course one at a time so you can enjoy everything on its own. Chin and I ended up sharing a Bibb Lettuce Salad with Pepperoncini Vinaigrette, the Good Luck Burger (a huge burger topped with McAdam cheddar, fresh slaw, and hand-cut fries), and chocolate cake with homemade ice cream. Our dinner ended up being 3 hours long, between long talks in between courses, lots of eating, and conversations with people around us. 

I'm grateful to Chin for getting me Lady as my birthday present this year, she's a gem (obvi since she's the CUTEST) and I love her to pieces. My birthday gift to myself? Losing 43 pounds and feeling so much healthier this birthday than last. You might not be able to tell a difference, but I think I look a lot different this birthday than last, and I'm pretty happy about it.

I'm like, SO 22 right now.


Karen said...

HAPPY belated birthday, You are gorgeous inside and out!

anna said...

looks like the loveliest of days! happy birthday; you look great!