July 23, 2013


Chin and I have a lot on our agenda during the month of July. We both have the month off, and in effort to maximize summer bliss, we're trying to fit in a lot. We started the month off by heading to the coast, with a weekend trip to Boston, Cape Cod, and Nantucket (We're currently in Denver, and head to Paris in a little more than a week!). 
If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you probably have seen most of these pictures, but I figured some commentary behind them might be in order.
We went with my sister, Maren, and her husband, Jordan, and we had a blast. We roadtripped from Roc to Boston (only about 6 hours), and spent the weekend exploring my favorite area of the country.
My dreams of living in Boston and having a sailboat on Nantucket Sound were only heightened after spending some more time there. 
Boston is my favorite city in the country. There's an incredible amount of rich history, with beautiful architecture and a plethora of things to do. All of that combined into an urban setting that's hustling and bustling all the time makes me a very happy girl. Add in its proximity to the cape and the ocean, not to mention the overall preppy feeling, and you might understand why I was made to live there. How could anyone not want to be there?
We spent our first evening and our last day in Boston eating at Pizzeria Regina in the North End, walking the Freedom Trail, exploring Harvard and Cambridge, strolling through Quincy Market, eating cannolis from Mike's Pastry at the Paul Revere House, getting our sea legs on board the U.S.S. Constitution, meeting up with Chin's aunt for a perfect dinner at Legal Seafood, and ending our trip by exploring downtown and eating ice cream outside a lit up Quincy Market. 
Boston, I love you.

Pizzeria Regina made us feel like we had traveled back in time 60 years, and their pizza was SO good!

Chin, the fearless tour guide on the Freedom Trail

Almost took this little guy home with me

Best. Pastry. Ever. And I don't even really like cannolis! I felt like we were in Sicily all over again.

I have cannoli all over my face so that's good...

Dinner on the wharf

Ciao Boston, until we meet again!


MarenDille said...

pictures are really pretty-good job

Grace Elizabeth said...

Aww what a fun month! You guys will LOVE PARIS! I haven't been here that long but if you want any recommendations for stuff I'd be happy to try and help!