July 26, 2013

Nantucket & Cape Cod

During our trip to New England, we got out of the city for a couple days to explore the cape and Nantucket. 

On the first day we took a ferry over to Nantucket to spend the day and explore the island. The day started out a little rainy and we were kind of worried our day would be spoiled by the weather, but about 10 minutes after we got there the rain cleared up and the weather ended up being perfect the rest of the trip. It was cool enough to enjoy riding our bikes around the island, but warm enough to visit the beach and stay in shorts.
Nantucket is incredibly beautiful and I couldn't help feeling like I didn't fit in at all. I spent the day with my hair in a huge curly mess on top of my head, and my makeup was smeared from the humidity and drizzling rain. The people visiting there are beautiful and the shear wealth of the place was a little overwhelming. I didn't really mind not fitting in, and seeing how the other half lives (eg not forever college students) was fascinating. 
We spent the day riding bikes around the island, stopping at different beaches and landmarks. We shopped around Main Street and ate dinner at a small pub, and naturally ended the day with incredible ice cream (Um hello salted caramel coconut with toffee! Chocolate with peanut butter cookie dough! Rainbow sprinkles! Handmade waffle cones!) before heading back on the ferry.
I can't wait to go back there someday.

The next day we began with a huge breakfast at a local diner, and then a stop at the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory. We got to see how their kettle chips are made and try some free samples (which were delicious). Then we drove up the cape all the way to the very tip of Cape Cod to a small town called Provincetown. It was quintessential New England, with narrow cobblestone streets and old buildings. It had shops filled with salt water taffy and a pier with a pirate ship at the end. The weather was sunny and warm and the little town was about as eccentric and lively as they come. We walked down the pier and explored the shops, and found more ice cream and a delicious mexican restaurant.

Maren and I matched not on purpose. Our outfits are flipped!

Relaxing on Jetties Beach

Nantucket is filled with hydrangeas with deep color hues. They were absolutely stunning

Paths made out of seashells? Yes please.

Provincetown, MA

Do you see those nachos?

Thanks for reading along on our adventure to the most beautiful place in the U.S.A! New England, I love you.

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Brooke said...

These pictures are beautiful and you seriously have the best smile ever!