April 14, 2010


What a day! After a few weeks of stress about engagements and wedding plans... Christian PROPOSED! Earlier this week he asked me on a date for Wednesday night, but later cancelled (the nerve :)) due to his "chem review." Although i was disappointed, he promised we would go out Friday night and i really was expecting him to pop the question then.
But today we took a study break with our great friends Tanner and Eliza, and hiked up past Bridal Veil Falls at Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. After a serene hike up the trail, we started our descent and "lost" Tanner and Eliza on the way.
Christian and I stopped at a beautiful pond overlooking the mountains and after jumping through a few creeks we reach the shore of the pond. Unfortunately, Christian "rolled his ankle" (or so i thought), and ended up on his knees. After a great acting job by Chin he finally gave up the act, got onto one knee and to my honest SURPRISE, looked up at me and said, "Hayley, will you marry me?"
that was the LAST thing i was expecting to hear and all i could muster out was... "Are you SERIOUS?" After some reassurance that this was for real i of COURSE said yes! It was PERFECT! What a picturesque view we had and it was a very quiet and lovely moment just the two of us. Exactly what i wanted but also what i was least expecting. So now it's official and we are SO HAPPY! We set the date for July 31, 2010 and have so much planning to do (not to mention finals in between).

Here is my GORGEOUS ring that Christian got all by himself! i am so proud of him, it was worth the wait! I am extra happy about the yellow gold setting, so classic and old-fashioned and exactly what i wanted!

Christian hoisted me over his shoulders to officially claim me. That's my boy!
After our hike we came home, showered, then went to Sundance for dinner. It was delicious! The chefs gave us complimentary desserts and i of course had to go with the chocolate truffle cake a la mode with raspberry sauce. YUM.

What a perfect day :) I have never been so happy in my whole life!

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