May 17, 2010

big white tents

Today has been an ultimately busy day. For those of you who don't know, Chin and I are having a ring ceremony and reception in my back yard up on Sycamore Ridge. Ever since my parents moved into the house they wanted me to have my wedding reception here and i must say i cannot wait.
Sooo, we decided a tent would be best to accommodate our guests and prepare for bad weather. My mom and I went to this small warehouse in Canandaigua (sp?) today to talk to Mary, our new favorite tent lady, about our reception. She works for Tailored Events, a wedding/event company that specializes in tents and accessories. Cool! So she was very helpful but i had no idea how much effort goes into putting up one simple tent. It sounds lame but we had to go over guest numbers, sizes of tables, streamer lights, center pole covers, center lights, side curtains, round/food tables, gift tables, beverage tables, plates, silverware, glasses, and the list went on and on and on... By the time we were finished adding everything up i could not believe everything that they had to do for our reception. Talk about all in one deals.

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