May 23, 2010

bluegrass and horses

Lexington, Kentucky. Home of Keeneland race track, famous blue grass, and Gregory Scott Dickens. This weekend my parents and I flew down to visit my brother Noel, sister-in-law Amber, and their adorable little boy Greg. The weather was wonderful and we had a blast putzing around Lexington. We went to dinner at this yummy mexican restaurant called Abuelo's, hit up some garage sales, and toured around Keeneland to watch the sunset. Greg is such a HAPPY baby and we just had the greatest time making him laugh and playing with him (I think we tired him out a little bit).
Not only did we have a great time, but we of course kept to wedding business as usual. Through Noel's photography websites we ordered prints for the announcement pictures, and we found Amber a dress for the wedding (a great feat since she will 6 months pregnant by July 31). As Noel would say... "LIKE ITTT!"

Greg leading the pack down the Keeneland lawn

My little buddy :)

future cover of GQ

lady killa

Keeneland Race Track

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