May 15, 2010

welcome to the quarry

Typically soil is made up of dirt and sediments and worms and sand and all that good stuff. right? WRONG. We've been planting for almost two weeks now and i have not dug one hole that is not a big rocky mess. The dirt is filled with boulders and huge stones and without our huge pick (it looks like a gory murder weapon) i would be out of luck. I woke up this morning at 8:00 a.m. to start working in the yard. I think i know the perfect comparison to describe this experience...
On campus at BYU the Tanner Building is the main building for the Marriott School of Business. It's a brand new gorgeous building and unless you're a junior and older, wearing a button down and loafers, and carrying a briefcase... you look out of place. The BYU business school is one of the leading schools in the country and the Tanner building is always filled with smarties takin care of business. My three best friends (Eliza, Jane, and Kirsten) and me like to trek up to the third floor of the Tanner building to this big classroom. The room is dimly lit and chilly, but ultimately silent and the perfect place to study and focus.
We lock ourselves in there for hours at a time to study for finals and work on projects and tests etc... We've officially named it: the DEN OF DEATH. It's the perfect name because it is a silent torture similar to the chinese water torture.
Well, i would like to name our lawn the Quarry of Death. A rock filled haven for grubs and shrubs that is a silent torture.
Oh, Christian you are so worth it though! This whole landscaping is for our wedding and without Chin, my dad would have nothing for me to plant. Even though the work is tedious, the outcome will be great and worth it for our flora and fauna summer wedding. :)

after a long day on the job... check out the rocks

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