June 8, 2010

updates pt. 1: christie and her splits

1. yes it's been a million years since i've posted something.
2. sorry. it's been a little crazy here.
3. here's what's going on:
back in early january i charged into kirsten and liza's room where jane and i basically lived last semester and said, "JANE-LET'S GO TO DAVE MATTHEWS THIS SUMMER." well. we did just that. Jane stayed for spring semester at byu and traveled all the way across country to come to Rochester to visit me for 3 days.
In december my mom and dad were at an MS benefit and bid on vip dmb tickets at a silent auction. So, Jane, my parents, our good friends Paul and Lorie Beck, and i got to vip it up last wednesday at Darien Lake for the Dave Matthews concert.
Jane and I had a great time when she came to NY. i showed her all my favorite places and we relaxed a lot and got ready for the concert. We had great seats at the show and had so much fun.

Meet Christie. Sitting in front of us at the show was a short girl double fisting beer cans and taking any opportunity to throw up her "love" sign. She instantly became best friends with Jane and me and spent a majority of the night trying to twirl us and hug us. our wasted new-found friend kept making jane hold her never ending beer so she could go into the aisle to do her splits. pretty awesome.

it started to pour and Jane and i went CRAZY dancing. it's always better in the rain. :)

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