May 5, 2010

it's always better when we're together

Well... It's been two weeks and i miss Christian like CRAZY. I am back in New York now and he is home in Denver for the summer. Even though we're both far away, our jobs for this summer are pretty similar! Christian is working all day everyday revamping houses that his boss buys and then resells. Sooo he's working on lawns, landscaping, and indoor repairs to make each house look like new. Cool, huh?
I'm here in good old Mendon working at my house. Maybe not so similar. My original plan was to work at my Dad's law firm for the summer and do a PR internship with the Woods Oviatt PR practitioner... but... weddings change everything (for the better)! So i'm here landscaping my backyard all summer. It is actually SO FUN! I get to work with my mom and grandparents all day and get a sun tan while i'm at it. Last summer i floored my basement and i complained the whole time, but i have a whole new perspective on work and appreciation this summer. A lot of it i have to thank Christian for- everyday he tells me how grateful he is to have a job and to be able to work (what a little sweetie!).
So my mom and i are planting 200 plants in our back yard, landscapers are putting on new top soil, and hopefully by the wedding the hydrangeas will be blooming and the grass will be perfectly green. Keep your fingers crossed!

MORE GOOD NEWS! Our amazing photographer Ashlee Carroll sent us some more engagement shots... We get the full disk VERY soon and then we have to decide on announcement pictures and all that jazz... Here are some of my favorites and some possible announcement pics. Enjoy :)

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