May 10, 2010

shrubs and scrubs

Some random updates of our busy lives...
The yard for the reception is coming along GREAT. I am actually considering changing my major to landscape design... I love it! I love working outside doing hands-on things and i love the outcome of the beautiful plants. It is so fun learning about different shrubbery and flowers and plants- who knew.
Christian just started his new job at the hospital today! He is working as an orderly cleaning up surgery rooms, transporting patients, and cleaning. The stories about the blood and surgeries make me dizzy just thinking about it... but he is amazing and can seem to handle anything.
Speaking of amazing. Christian is so handsome! I am so lucky to be marrying someone so sweet, kind, funny, loving, smart, and ATTRACTIVE! He is such a stud and just thought i should at that to this post :)

My favorite picture of him ever. What a HUNK

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