June 11, 2010


10 reasons why today is the BEST day ever.
1. My grandparents' anniversary. Their anniversary is actually tomorrow but to celebrate they wanted to take my mom and i out to lunch today to the Cheesecake Factory. They have been married for 62 years tomorrow and they are still pleased as punch to be married to each other. They are the cutest little couple you've ever seen and i am so grateful to have them in my life
and for the loving example they set for me.

2. The weather is perfect. Sunshine all day but not too hot. it gave me an excuse to wear shorts and heels.
3. My grandma got an outfit to wear to the wedding today! She had been stressing about it for quite a while so we took her to Chico's and found her a nice little getup that she can strut around in all day on July 31st.
4. one word: SHOES. for months now i have been searching for navy blue heels to go with my dress for the wedding brunch. Well today i struck gold (or should i say navy). I found the cutest most comfortable shoes i could ask for and i am so excited about them.

5. I got to wear my new cropped cargo jacket that i bought yesterday. Not a big deal but i have been wanting a safari jacket for quite some time. jackpot!
6. Even though i already mentioned the cheesecake factory, i just want to emphasize the part about the cheesecake. i have a recent obsession with carrot cake lately. Even though i'm trying to eat healthily to fit into my dress i cannot stop thinking about how much i love/want carrot cake. So today after lunch we decided to grab a piece of cheesecake for later and we got the carrot cake cheesecake. I got to have a few bites of it and i was in HEAVEN. it must be the cream cheese frosting (i think i could eat it plain).
7. $30 jeans. this late afternoon my mom and i did some quick shopping and while i was looking through a rack of jumbled up jeans, i found a pair of Seven jeans (yum). they immediately caught my eye and as i prepared to cringe when i grabbed the price tag. Lo and Behold, they were only 29.99. you can obviously i did a double take. $30 jeans are rare, and unheard of in the designer world. So of course i bought them, i was pretty proud of myself for finding such a bargain.

8. the evening run. I am about to head off on a daily run and it is so nice to run at this time of night. About an hour before it gets dark; it's not too hot but the sun is still up. So peaceful for me.
9. EVERY SINGLE TREE/PLANT/BUSH/FLOWER is planted. We are done planting! I planted 7 new trees this morning and they were my last ones for the summer. that would be 315 totals plants... you're welcome environment.

10. drum roll please. This is the best reason why today is the greatest day ever: after lunch today we headed to the jeweler's to pick out a wedding band for Christian. We met with a consultant, picked out a nice new shiny ring, and bada bing bada boom- put a deposit down and ordered the ring. I was pretty pleased and happy to have it done. On our way home however, my grandma mentioned how my grandpa's wedding band has only been worn just a few times. When they got married, my grandpa worked in a factory and wasn't allowed to wear jewelry, and he just has never worn it since. His yellow gold wedding band with their initials and wedding date engraved into it has been sitting in his leather case in his drawer for years. My grandparents offered to let me have the ring to give to Christian for his wedding band.
I loved the idea and so did Chin but naturally there are lots of things to think about: we didn't know if the ring would fit him, if we could get our money back on the other ring, and if the idea would actually pan out. So my mom and i headed back to the jeweler's... They gave us ALL of our money back (what sweeties!) and sized the ring: it was a perfect fit. Size ten, just like chin's ring finger. They even cleaned the ring so it looks even better now. I really think it was meant to be and we are SO excited about it... i am so honored that Christian gets to have my grandpa's 62 year old ring. :)

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