June 9, 2010

updates pt. 2: parking lot horror stories

after the concert jane and i got home at around 1:00 am, headed to bed around 2, and woke up at 4 to catch 6:00 am flights. Jane visited family on the east coast and i headed out to good old Utah. Even though i was EXHAUSTED i was so excited to see Chin... for the first time in almost 7 weeks. words cannot describe how good it was to see him again... i got to salt lake first so i waited for him by the baggage claim and as soon as i saw his red sox hat towering over everyone i jumped into his arms- it was perfect. :)
we had dinner with Papa thursday night and headed to bed early. We woke up early Friday morning and headed up to Bountiful, Utah to the Bountiful temple to see Devin (Chin's best friend) and Robli get married. Chin was the best man so we had lots of fun helping out with the wedding. Robli of course looked gorgeous and seeing them so happy made me more anxious for our wedding day.
Chin and me outside of the bountiful temple. (50 days... but who's counting?)

studly gator and his trusty sidekick chin.
After the ceremony we headed up to Brigham City for a luncheon at Maddox. The food was yummy (lots of it) and Chin and i had lots of fun driving Papa's old school mercedes the whole weekend. Note the car phone.

Later at the reception, Chin and some of the groomsmen and Robli's brothers decorated the getaway moped. "Honk if you're hory." i think someone missed a letter.

The couple's first dance
Funny story: when we got to the reception site to help set up, we beat the families to the park. Since we were pretty much the only people in the wedding party there, the cake lady confided in us to tend the cake. She had to be in American Fork (a good hour away) by 5:00 pm so she left the cake in our hands. i had to keep christian from getting drool on it.
Saturday we slept in, got some breakfast and decided to go on our 6 mile run. Since we are both training for the park city half we thought it would be fun to run together since we haven't had a chance to train together yet. i woke up feeling pretty queasy but decided to go anyways. About 4 miles i had had it. I was so hot and dehydrated i wanted to DIE! we ran about five miles and the rest of the day i had the chills and felt as if i was going to throw up any second. We went out to dinner in Holladay that night with Christian's brother Alex and his wife Laura, and Tutu and Grandad. We went to a chinese place and i could barely eat anything. after dinner Christian opened my car door and before i could get in, i turned around and threw up in the parking lot. in front of EVERYONE. i was mortified. luckily Laura and everyone took care of me and made me stubbornly drink two big cups of gatorade. And by the end of the night i was feeling a little bit better.
The next day was Chin's birthday! we woke up and went to church, came home, rested, and Nana made Chin a yummy yummy birthday dinner. I felt so bad though because i really was not feeling well. I don't think i helped him have a very nice birthday but he loves me anyways. Happy Birthday bud :)

Christian went home Sunday night and i headed down to Lehi to stay with my sister Lesliann, her husband Mike, and my babies! Luke and Julia. My little niece and nephew who i cannot get enough of.

We went to the Salt Lake Bees game Monday night for FHE and luke got an up close and personal with Bumble. Before i passed on the stomach flu to him. Sorry bud.

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