July 25, 2010

love turns the whole thing around

i cannot believe that in six days chin and i are getting married. i grow more in love with him everyday and i can hardly sit still i am so excited to be married to him!
there's only one way to describe it: incandescently happy.
it's a phrase from pride and prejudice... and it stuck. i only use the phrase when i could not be happier. and that is definitely how i am feeling. :)
Noel and Amber are already here, Maren and Jordan got here last night, Christian gets here on Wednesday, and Les, Mike, and the kids, the Pingrees, Kir, Lizer, & Jane all get here on Thursday. Can you say bliss? it's going to be insanely crazy these next five or six days- my mom has already gone into wedding mode. i guess it hasn't hit me yet! i am just too excited to be stressed. :)

another great thing happened the other day. My best friend in high school's name is Jen Jones. We had a falling out last summer and we haven't talked in about a year (i screwed up majorly). We got in touch a couple days and yesterday we got to talk and it was great. It is amazing to have a friend back who i really really missed. She is amazing and so beautiful! i feel really lucky to have her back in my life.

"for every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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