October 24, 2010

a diy and a burrito

my parents were in town this weekend- so let's face it... it was a weekend full of food, crafts, football, laughter, shopping, and family.

it's my favorite when my parents make the trip from new york to come to visit.
of course i wish noel and amber could have come but they are having a baby in two weeks! they have better things to be doing.
my parents have been in utah since tuesday but we didn't see them a whole lot during the week because of school and they were helping maren and jordan house hunt!

on friday night we drove up to salt lake to the blue iguana for dinner.
it was delicious. so authentic and the atmosphere was great with live music and everything.
in new york there are no good mexican restaurants (one big star for you, utah).

chin, of course... saw a challenge on the menu. so this is what he ordered:

the burrito grande. if you finish it you get a free dessert. 
chin let pride get in the way...

and after many breaks and lots of cheering from the fam- he finished it!
yuck yuck yuck. well i'm sure it was delicious but not that much food.
i'm not sure if the free dessert was worth it.

this was taken before chin fell asleep on the way home. he woke up the next morning and still wasn't hungry (that never happens).

on saturday after julia's soccer game we went to kneader's for breakfast and then the boys headed to the byu vs. wyoming football game. the girls took luke and julia and headed to the fabric store for crafts!
julia found the store pretty entertaining.

first maren and les made some apothecary jars and then we started on our Tutu Witch Wreaths by Lemon Tree Creations

these wreaths are so cute!
they take some time to make but if you want to have a craft party or spend an afternoon crafting, this is perfect. too bad there is only one more week to display it. :(

both of my sisters made one and they turned out cute cute cute!
for the instructions.... click HERE

i love my parents, fall, crafts, christian, my family, and mexican food.
hooray for a great weekend!

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so cute!! love your blog