November 24, 2010


i love pre-thanksgiving festivities!
today was an eventful day.
not only did we visit some special spots of christian and i (the hill cumorah, the palmyra temple and the sacred grove), but we had fun visiting wegmans, having an amazing dinner, doing crafts, and playing games.

the dickens girl on top of the Hill Cumorah

chin and i in the sacred grove :)

the view of the temple from the Joseph Smith Log Home. it's amazing to go back to the spot where we were married!

maren and i snuggling up with our baby rusty

the mantle in the fireplace where we clipped up what we are all thankful for.

this thanksgiving, i am thankful for family & friends, an amazing best friend and husband, a great education, my health, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.
what are you thankful for?

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Anonymous said...

you two are adorable! i love the thankful chalkboard with the bird. and your christmas tree is adorable!