November 1, 2010

the over-blogged-about halloween party

saturday was the big halloween party and it went great! we had so much fun and all the work paid off.
i loved using halloween decorations from lovetheday.
Lindi, the creator of lovetheday, featured me on the lovetheday facebook fan page.
click HERE to view it!
here are some pictures from our party:

the tablescape consisted of a "cupcake bar" where you could decorate your own cupcake with chocolate or vanilla frosting, candy, sugar ghosts, and sprinkles.

 we had a veggie tray with "finger dip." the "fingers" were baby carrots with sliced almonds stuck on with cream cheese for the "finger nails."

our apothecary jars came in handy! can't wait to decorate them for thanksgiving and christmas.

i made pumpkin squares, dyed the frosting light green, and drew on frankenstein faces with black icing. they were adorable and delish!

cupcake toppers from lovetheday. Vanilla cupcakes with a purple vanilla frosting.

the ribbon wall with a "come in for a bite" sign from lovetheday.

happy halloween sign from lovetheday!

some of the tablescape

the drink table, i don't think there is a picture of the "rotten apple punch" but it was delicious!

poison aka jones soda with fun poison stickers that my sister Les gave to me

your hosts: tarzan and jane 

i made tarzan smile for the picture

broomstick goody bags, napkins and plates.

toffee apple dip with "apple bites." cut up apples with almond slice stuck into them.

my niece julia and my nephew luke. luke was a cowboy and julia was a fifties girl but insisted on being called a "poodle princess."

my side of the fam!

and the pings! missing: katie and dave, ben and lindsey. they were also here and it was so great to have everyone!

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