April 13, 2011

a tale of two shoes

my mom sent me a package (tale as old as time, she's a great package maker/sender).
she sent me incredible things that are so worth blogging about.
remember the pink shoes she sent to me?
well this time she sent me cream shoes, with an innumerable amount of velcro add-ons.
holy heaven.
i'm so excited to have a million adventures in these shoes, because i can actually wear them with anything. check yes.
my favorite? the red gingham with white rick-rack. so cute, preppy, and summery.
if you see me around, you will most likely see these shoes accompanying me on my feet.


Kylie said...

where are the shoes themselves from? These are adorable! I would totally buy some of these bows, she should sell them :)

Teenage Bride said...

this has got to be the best shoe idea ever!!!

Emma Frances said...

I am so making some of these for myself! I love how the look changes so much with all the different add-ons! Also, your blog is super cute! I found it through Ashley of Sloanbook :] {I'm over at randeashby.blogspot.com}