April 14, 2011

don't mind me...

i'm just dying here... along with the stomach flu/normal flu/migraine i am just having a great old time.
not only have i had a waste of a day and have not been able to study (besides 5 hours of accounting review)...
but i got two emails in a row: the first one saying that I didn't get the internship that I applied for for spring, and the second denying my petition to change my graduation plan.
plus, i really wanted to tell you guys all about how a year ago today, Chin proposed to me, and I also want to show you guys my vintage easter table setting.
but until a later date, because now i am currently freaking out about finals and being sick and being a whole day behind on studying.
yep i'm being a huge baby and i promise i am not turning this into a pity post, i'm just a little frazzled! 
if i'm m.i.a. from the blogosphere for a couple days, now you know why.
hope you all are doing great! :)

currently wishing i was here
marco island 2008


Teenage Bride said...

I so hope you feel better soon

Kevin & Ashley said...

Ah good luck with getting over your sickness and whatnot! Last year during finals I was sick AND I didn't get a job offer as well....it sucks but you'll find something better :) Good luck with finals!