April 17, 2011


i'm back friends and i'm ready to dish! i'm feeling much better due to the help of friends and the good old fam. man i love you all. and i love you, my blogger friends! you are all just great. and you inspire me.
a year ago thursday, christian proposed to me.
i wrote this letter to christian, but i know he'll never see it... he doesn't check the blog much (if you can imagine it's not quite his thing, but he will be posting on here soon!).
but i wanted to write it anyways, just as a momento, for me, and for you as well. because you all like love gushy love letters even if you won't admit it!

Dear Christian,
A year ago today you took me on a hike up Provo canyon. You were so antsy and strange as we drove up through the canyon, and I couldn't figure out why. i loved looking at you from the passenger's seat. you tried to keep your confident aura about you, but you were just a little bit off today. lucky for you i thought nothing of it. i had been so frustrated with you early in the week. finals were fast approaching and i kept thinking to myself, "okay when is this engagement thing going to go down?" you know how patient i am... of course, i had let my guard down; no make up, no shower, no cute clothes, no doing-of-hair, and that's when the magic happened. and i couldn't be happier about it. i loved hiking up Vivian Park with you. I was so confused why you were wearing cargo shorts, not once suspecting that there could be a sparkly ring tucked away deep inside those pockets. I loved the hike. I remember the smell of the springtime mixed with the mountain snow, and the way we just jumped onto the snow, and weren't even cold. we just sat there, talking and kissing, and it was like we were in a completely different element. you planned everything out so well. i kept wanting to find tanner and eliza, and you just let me down the path, insisting they'd be fine. i thought you were being playful! little did i know i was being set up intro a trap of romantic delight. After jumping through the pond and viewing your well-planned theatrics, you got onto one knee and pulled out that small, glossy, wooden box. i couldn't breathe. "will you marry me?" and my ears started ringing and my mouth got dry and all i could do was say "are you serious?!" and "yes yes yes!" a million times over. i'm sorry for not even letting you put the ring on me yourself, i guess i was a little anxious to have that beautiful rock on my finger. but i will never forget how it felt to be there with you. we were so alone and secluded, and it seemed that the world had stopped to rejoice with us. i don't remember any sounds or images besides you and me, a complete moment of bliss in the midst of our new found eternity. and suddenly all i could think about was the million laughs and million tears, the great memories and the sad ones, the long nights and days, the blissful moments, and the small quiet happenings of day to the day that we were to share together. a forever with someone who i know loved me more than anyone else. my very best friend, my number one fan. and i wanted to be the very same for you. and i still do. i love you Christian, this year has flown by, and it has been wonderful. thank you for being unbelievably kind, thoughtful, and wonderful to me. you're my whole life, and i love the life we share together.
love your bride,

photo by ashlee

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Teenage Bride said...

awwww this brought tears to my eyes. I love it!

Courtney B said...

Oooh so so sweet!! A year goes by SOO fast huh?! Congratulations :)

Brooke Knecht said...

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