April 27, 2011


earlier this afternoon i headed down to Spanish Fork to have my hair done by Brooke Knecht.
i discovered her from Mandy, who gets her hair done by Brooke. 
a couple weeks ago i entered to win Brooke's spring hair giveaway, and i won!
okay, am i the only one who never wins anything? but i actually won, and i was so excited to get my hair done by her, because i've heard so many great things about her.

i am so impressed with Brooke. she did a fantastic job, and did everything that i wanted her to with my hair, including styling it perfectly. she brightened up my blonde for spring but still made my hair look natural and fresh.
i love the color, and my hair feels great, and i'm pretty sure i'll never be able to mimic the amazing styling job she did.
talk about a great weekday afternoon.

my friends, Brooke is so amazing! If you're in the Provo area, you have to go see her. she's a miracle worker.
she has great deals! 
if you go in to see her and tell her that Hayley sent you, you get this amazing deal:
$50 dollar color, cut, and style
or buy 1 get 1 free hair cut!

do your hair a favor and go see her.
thanks so much for a great afternoon Brooke!


Shelby Clark said...

Okay, pretty lady! Someday I would really love to have hair just like yours. It probably isn't going to happen. I'm pretty sure my hair will never have the much body and I'm not thinking I can pull the blonde off. Your pretty, golden locks are so beautiful! Also, does this offer expire? I just got my hair done this week but would love to come down in six weeks or so and get my hair done!

Teenage Bride said...

You look lovely!

Amber said...

It looks fantastic! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Brooke Knecht said...

You have great hair! Thanks for all the nice words.