April 5, 2011

the spanish inquisition

last week my in-laws spent a nice vacation in the south of Spain on the mediterranean coast. 
i was jealous to say the least (Spain is my most prized place i have ever encountered),
and it was hard to concentrate on school work and laundry while my in-laws frolicked in the spanish sun.
of course, i was so excited that they got to go, and it was fun hearing about their trip and the fun adventures that they had.
plus, they brought me back the most amazing tablecloth.
they know how much i like to decorate our kitchen table, and this tablecloth is so incredible, i couldn't wait to use it.
it's linen and has beautiful embroidered flowers on it. i felt like i was in Spain when i put it on my table.

i love the detail on the cloth, and linen is so perfect for spring.

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Laura said...

Hey, I got one too!