April 4, 2011

a winner (!) and a weekend

this weekend was definitely very interesting.
on Friday morning Chin flew down to Texas for his best friend from high school's bachelor party.
Chin is a groomsmen in their June wedding, but since this was David's (the groom) spring break (he's a teacher), they had a fun bachelor weekend.
so since Chin was gone, i had a Hayl/girl weekend. i drank a lot of diet coke, watched Tangled on redbox, worked, and spent time with my girlfriends.
it was great!
i also had the opportunity to watch General Conference, go out to dinner with my sisters, and enjoy time with the Pingree family when Chin got home yesterday.
i missed Christian. it was weird not having him at home, and not having anyone to snuggle up to at night.
needless to say i am ecstatic that he's back!

now i am so excited to announce the winner of our giveaway!
congrats to Emma on winning our Spring Party Set giveaway :)
i'll email you later today to get your contact info.
thanks to everyone else who participated,
i loved sifting through all of your comments and reading what you're excited about for spring! i really wish you all could have won.
have a great day!

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Teenage Bride said...

souonds liek you had a fun weekend! happy Tuesday!