July 27, 2011

attack of the eye doctors

embarrassing story time.
while we're home here in Rochester, my mom decided that I should have about a million doctors appointments just to make sure that i'm all ship-shape.
yeah yeah yeah.
today happened to be a double whammy of doctors appointments,
beginning with the eye doctor.
holy hannah, the eye doctor is the scariest doctor i have ever been to.
poke my gums at the dentist, test my reflexes at the pediatrician, but get me AWAY from that eye doctor.

the appointment went something like this.
apparently you're supposed to go to the eye doctor every year and a half.
huh what!??!
i literally have not been in 10 years.
who's with me?
the nurse then proceeded to "numb my eyes." that was just not okay with me.
numb my eyes? so i couldn't feel her poking them and dabbing them with all these drops? was i going to go blind? can we even feel our eyes anyways? what does this even mean?!
the doctor then dilated my pupils, which in turn made me look like a frightened deer,
and i realized i forgot sunglasses.
hello paper sunglasses, thanks for making look like an IDIOT the rest of the day.
i proceeded to drive around like this for another three hours as i headed to more appointments and the gym:

overall: my experience scarred me for life. now i know why i waited ten years to go back to the opthamologist.
now that i'm writing this i'm realizing how dramatic this sounds, but at the time it was traumatizing.
you can call me Ray Charles.


Emma said...

Haha! Best post yet! My mom does that exact same thing and it is literally ten times more stressful than normal life. I'm always paranoid that one of the doctors will find something wrong.

Ashley Sloan said...

Haha. I am way too good friends w/the ophthamologists! Every so often I get really horrible eye infections and last one I had at BYU. I could have gone blind if I did not go in and I had to wear a patch and buy $100 eye drops...it was so bad! I was a hermit and could only handle the lights off! I am surprised you worked out after your eyes were dilated ha! I usually don't! Oh and don't go to dance classes or a BYU team in an eye patch...ha...your perceptions are def off!!! It was SO embaressing wearing an eye patch at BYU LOL!!!!! Anywho, I feel ya...the eye doc isn't that bad :)

Ashley Sloan

Shelby Clark said...

Too funny! Thane looked exactly like you this morning. He too made a trip to the eye doctor. But he tells me the eye doctor is his favorite one! Crazy man! I am with you... Keep me far, far away!

Gentri said...

AW! Hahaha! I am so sorry!! I haven't been in forever either... :/