July 29, 2011

maren's baby shower

last night i had the opportunity to throw my sister, Maren, a baby shower. her and her husband are having a baby in December, and after a long struggle of trying to have a baby, i could not be more excited for them to welcome a little girl into their family this Christmas.

her baby shower was so great. the company was lovely, and i had a blast planning the shower with the help of my mother. it was special to plan a shower for Maren and to see on her face how much of a good time she was having with all of the closest ladies in her life. we had a great turnout!

for her shower, i chose a red and aqua color scheme, simply because i knew Maren is not your typical "baby pink" kind of girl. she's vibrant and colorful and full of personality and life, and those colors still seemed girly, but fun and a little wild, just like Mares. 
in all honesty, Maren and I are complete opposites, but we are extremely close (sometimes i think it's because we're so different). 
her baby shower was fun to plan. we used playful polka dots and funky prints, mixed with sweet treats and a savory dinner.

some details:

my mom made a variety of napkins for the shower. we put them with the silverware and added some cute fabric rosettes to a steel bucket.

 tissue paper pom-poms. such a cute and easy DIY!

 twizzlers, almond joys, and matching m&ms. candy perfection if you ask me.

 paper lanterns bought from Target, a cute kit from good old martha

a view of the tablescape (before all of the food was laid out)

raspberry lemonade, packaged prettily

for part of our dessert we served homemade ice cream sandwiches. details about cake pops coming soon. :)

for party favors we gave our guests homemade soap. and when i say homemade i mean someone else off etsy made it homemade, and we bought it.
i'm not that ambitious you guys.
we wrapped the bars of soap in aqua and red scrapbook papers and tied thank you labels around with twine. easy!

one of Maren's best friends Amanda came all the way from New York City for the shower! my family loves Amanda, and i know it was really special for Maren to have one of her closest friends here to celebrate with us.

 before the shower. me, of course, decked out in an apron. what's new. 
love you mares.

 opening gifts!

my dear friend Madeleine came to the shower and it was great to see her. she's getting married in september! three cheers for marriage.

 Mares with our dear friend, Karen. she's pretty much a celebrity in the Dickens home.

 the men had a guy's night out, including dinner and Captain America, and when they got back, Jordan made Maren show him all of their new loot. can you say gifts? holla!

happy friday!
have a great weekend. :)


Teenage Bride said...

aww so sweet. It looks like a great shower!

Amber said...

Nice work! Looked amazing! Sad that I couldn't be there for the festivities.

Karen said...

Wow, I didn't know I had attained celebrity status! I loved the vacation pics -- I felt like I was there!!!!

Tara said...

momma lane!