September 8, 2011

bad ideas

1. driving to the store to buy not one but two cartons of ben and jerry's (obviously to share with Christian.... maybe.)
2. Forgetting to put your seatbelt on until you get to the parking lot of the store. dangerous people. dan-ger-ous.
3. coming home from the store with said ice cream, and realizing you were so tired that you bought the exact wrong kind of ice cream that you specifically did not want.
4. watching toddlers & tiaras instead of doing homework. worst show ever. pageant people are nuts, yo.
5. folding laundry. who came up with that anyways.
6. taking pictures like this....
it's tough to be this cute.

things that are a good idea:
going home to Rochester for the weekend for a med school interview.

1 comment:

Gentri said...

haha! Aw! I HATE buying the wrong thing. I hope it still tasted good. I love watching toddlers and tiaras. Pageant people are crazy! You should try dance moms. It's another crazy one.