September 9, 2011

on being home

between the desert and tree-less-ness of Utah,
sometimes i forget how much i love being home.
i know i say it too much and you guys are sick of me, but don't we all have a little pride about our hometowns?
i'm hoping i'm not the only one.

we flew into rochester over fields of dark green trees,
and drove home in a deep fog and light drizzle.
when i woke up this morning my hair was curly and my skin felt sticky from the damp morning air coming through our windows.

my mom and i dropped Christian off at his interview, and we headed to Wegmans to grab french toast bagels and peach muffins, and items for dinner tonight.
some of you might not know about Wegmans.
I talk about it frequently, and somehow i wish i could make you understand how vital Wegman's is to my well-being.
twice the size of any smith's, kroger, or piggly wiggy, Wegman's stands as the supreme ruler of the grocery world.
filled with local produce of all kind, a patisserie, a food bar, a grill, bakery, deli, rows of imported cheeses, Godiva chocolate stand, and any gourmet ingredient you can think of,
i can't help but wonder how much better my cooking would be if we had a Wegman's in Provo (our Smith's doesn't even have fresh basil. i mean really?).

aside from Wegman's, i love the air, the frequently changing weather, the dinners on the deck, real pizza and italian food, and being with my family.
and for a short, fleeting moment, i forget that i've spent the past 2 years in a desert wasteland.

peach muffins

 an assortment of fresh Wegman's bagels.
honey grain, multi grain, garlic, sea salt, sesame, french toast, blueberry, rosemary, cinnamon sugar, etc...

 a chance to wear fall shoes

trees surrounding our yard

are you doing anything fun this weekend?
i hope it's great! :)

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