September 7, 2011

i made a blouse to make my mama proud

my mom's birthday was yesterday. 
she's now 35 (or something like that... ;) ) and looks even younger. 

making a blouse for myself certainly was not my birthday gift for her, but i am hoping it will make her proud.
my mom is an expert seamstress.
she sews me things practically weekly, and i have so many treasures that she has made for me over the years, including by Senior Ball dress and a few other clothing items that are a staple in my wardrobe.

I on the other hand, can't sew for my life.
i've never had enough patience to sit there and thread needles and make sure the seam is straight and all that jazz.
recently though, i've got that sewing bug, and have been dying to sew a few items so i can learn how!
one eensy teensy bitty baby problem:
i have no sewing machine.

this is where Chin's Tutu comes into play. since my mom isn't in Provo to teach me,
Tutu helped me make my first blouse!
i was really pleased with how it turned out.
and although i'm well aware that mustard may not be the best color for my complexion,
i couldn't pass up the beautiful mustard-colored linen i found at the fabric store.

what do you think of my first sewing creation?

Self-made blouse, J.crew cardigan, Gap jeans, J.crew belt, Old Navy flats, farmer's market earrings, Fossil watch, J.crew bracelet


i love you mom! happy birthday and i hope i'm making you proud. :)


Gentri said...

I love it!! You did such an awesome job!! Seriously!! And I think that color looks great on you!!

Elisabeth said...