March 28, 2012

DIY: State Love Canvases

So I'll admit it. I might have a lot bit of pride when it comes to my home state.
I think it's because I've always loved where I grew up in New York, and there's just something about coming home that can comfort you when you really need it.
And maybe it's because I don't get to go home very often, and so I find myself longing for the clean air, green hills, and far away family that Upstate New York has to offer me.

So when Ali showed me this craft she found to show our home-state love, I immediately loved the idea, and we quickly set to work on making canvases of our home states as well as our husbands'.

And I loved how they turned out. I went with a neutral gray color because I'm boring like that, and Ali picked colorful background to match her vibrant and fun apartment. And while NY was tedious to draw and Colorado is LITERALLY a square, I loved how they turned out. We put hearts where our home towns are and I put mine right next to each other with our metal ampersand in between.

Did I mention this craft is beyond inexpensive? Ali and I split the cost and I think it cost us about $10 total for 4 canvases, four acrylic paints, and a pack of paintbrushes.

DIY State Love Canvases
inspired by lolly jane boutique

You will need: 
Canvas (we used one for our home state and one for our husbands'), any size. We liked 8"x10"
Acrylic Paint, any color you like, with a color for your "hometown heart"
Paint brushes

1. Google a large map of your home state, comparing the size so that it will fit onto your canvas, then print out your map and cut out the outline of it.
2. Tape your cut-out map outline onto your canvas and trace the outline with a pencil. Remove the outline.
3. With one paint color, paint around the outline of your map, leaving the state white (or you could do vice versa). I recommend doing a couple coats of paint so there are no streaks.
4. Let dry, then paint a small heart on the map where your hometown is, let dry completely, then hang out place anywhere you like!
5. Repeat with another canvas if you like.

So there you have it! One of my favorite crafts I've ever done, that's super quick, easy, and inexpensive.
Plus, I love how they look on our bookshelf. You can't beat a craft that looks like something you could buy in a store!

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