March 26, 2012

Life Lately

I've been in a bit of a blogging funk lately. I just haven't felt like writing. In fact, I haven't felt like doing a whole lot. School has become so utterly mundane that I am counting down the seconds until my internship begins in spring term, and this past week ended up being the most hectic week of my college career to date.
So here's what I decided. Though I do love this little bloggy of mine, and I will continue to update it, I want to blog about compelling content. Not just to post something, anything, so that people know that I am still alive on this little slice of the Internet.
I've always blogged for my family and friends, to keep them up to date on what we're doing and to keep a small journal about the day to day things. I never want to be one of those bloggers who blogs for the publicity, the followers/readers, or for the popularity.
I blog because I like to write, and it's my place to put just about anything I want, and I don't want to lost sight of that.

So, since I've been slacking on here, here are some updates (via instagram) of what we've been up to this month.

Eating so much grapefruit it hurts (but literally I have tons of canker sores). I love when citrus is in season.

We ate dinner the other night at the Sugarhouse BBQ in Salt Lake. It's no Dinosaur BBQ (a Rochester staple), but it sure hits the spot when I'm feeling pulled pork.

I've slowly been trying to update my wardrobe for spring. Mind you, I've been trying to do it on a college budget, so it's been a slow process. But i've still managed to find some cheap finds that I love and don't feel guilty about. Some of my favorites:
I love this statement jewelry (both found at F21), and this sequin tank was on double clearance at Express

 I pulled both pieces of jewelry together with a bracelet I got for my birthday, and paired the sequin tank with some fun gingham. I wore a dark pink pencil skirt and nude heels, and felt bright and almost too glittery (never a bad thing).

 I desperately needed some offices heels to wear to my internship for this summer that I could wear with almost anything. I found these refurbished Michael Kors that were perfectly re-done for $20 at Nordstrom Rack. I scooped them up as quick as I could because let's be honest- buttery leather that would typically sell for $150+ for $20? Impossible to pass up.

 Last night Ali and I crafted up "state love canvases" with the home states of ourselves and our husbands (details and DIY instructions to come!). It was so easy and cheap, and I can't wait to make one for every future bridal shower gift, ever.

cheap finds at the J.Crew outlet: found here, here, and here

And just a little bit about what happened last week. As you know, this semester I'm in an event planning class that I love love love. For our lab hours for the semester, we had the opportunity to be contracted to work at the annual Adobe Summit Conference, a conference held every year for companies who use adobe software to come and get together to learn more about Adobe and what they do. For the past few years it's been in Salt Lake, giving event planning students a chance to help pull off the event.
 I signed up for some insane reason to work 40+ hours at the Summit last week. Honestly, it was a grueling, long, and at times discouraging week, but I'm glad that I finished the week and that I had the opportunity to be a part of it.
It made me realize that event planning is really what I want to do.
Plus, we got to stay where they stayed on The Bachelor @ The Canyons Resort in Park City.

And I mean who can complain about that? Even if we were only sleeping there for 4 hours. 


Laura said...

whoa hayley- i love love love all the new jewelry and clothes you got! so cute and for such great prices...have a good week!!
<3 laura

Shelby Clark said...

Hayley! You are so fabulous and glamorous! Love it! :) Your event planning sounds SO fun and I know you must be amazing at it! :)