April 1, 2012

E's All-White Bridal Shower

If you follow me on instagram/twitter/facebook, you probably saw all the millions of pictures I posted of the bridal shower that I had the opportunity to co-host this weekend.

A while back, my darling friend Elizabeth, told me that she was so excited to get engaged to the love of her life Nathan, but oh don't worry, that was 4 months before they got engaged. It seemed like waiting for them to get engaged lasted an eternity (and certainly longer for them), but I couldn't wait to start planning her shower that I had offered to throw her back in January when wedding plans started to transpire.

When E's best friend Taylor jumped on board too, I was more than excited to plan E's shower with the help of her best friend who knows exactly what E likes. Plus, Taylor has great taste, is extremely organized, and I just love her to pieces. Needless to say I felt like we made a great team and we both really worked hard to make our vision come together!

With the inspiration of my pal Martha Stewart, we decided on an All-White shower for Elizabeth. White decorations, (mostly) white food, all white desserts, white presents, outfits, you name it. I mean because what color better represents the beauty of a bride like white? We added tan (lots and lots of burlap) and gold as our accent colors, to add an earthy feel.

Here are just a few (more like a bajillion) photos from the shower. Enjoy!

Our venue worked out perfectly. We held it at a condo clubhouse where Taylor lives, and the clubhouse was actually stunning. So much natural light, and the room even had it's own kitchen for us to store the food. It was so spacious and was perfect for what we wanted!
We put the "Favors Table" in the back. White boxes with sugar cookies, with some grab and go candy: caramel taffy and white yogurt covered raisins. Ali brought over her white ampersand sign for decoration, and we just used my burlap runner my mom made me for the tablecloth.

Honestly, the table might have been my favorite part. We had a sit-down brunch, so we decided to do one long long table to fit all the girls. We wanted to keep it as classy as possible, so we used white glass plates, white and tan linen napkins with gold napkin rings, name cards, mason jars with white straws for the drinks, and Taylor's silverware.

Then there was the dessert table. Taylor found the inspiration to do white jumbo balloons, and they turned out amazing. They added the perfect background. I made another tulle garland, we used a burlap tablecloth and lots and lots of white and clear cake stands, vases, and platters.

For our centerpieces we used white stock flowers in tall vases, and in the center we used the long gold box my mother made me with 4 tall white candles. We covered the table with white tablecloths and just bought a LOT of cheap burlap and folded the edges under for our runner.

The food was amazing thanks to genius Taylor. She seriously came through on the amazing food. A cheese plate with gorgonzola, brie, aged cheddar, gouda, and parmigianno reggiano, veggies, a spinach tortellini salad with raspberry vinaigrette, and chicken salad on croissants.

For dessert we served beautiful vanilla cupcakes made by Taylor's culinary-school-student sister, Rylie, white chocolate covered pretzels, white donuts (donuts are E's fave), lots of white candy, and coconut sorbet.

I love E's reaction. We hadn't kept her out of the planning too much, simply because we were so excited about it that we (meaning me) couldn't help but tell her about what was coming. But I still think she was pretty surprised and hopefully loved it!

A seat just for the bride-to-be.

The dessert spread and one of my favorite details: "Tying the Knot" wooden cutlery. Purchased on etsy!

Elizabeth and Taylor. They make beautiful best friends! E wore a navy top and pink heels to match her wedding colors.

E's cupcake club, the Kindred Spirits. Such nice girls!

Nathan's adorable sister came all the way down from Ogden to join in the fun.

Me and Ali, who stood in the back while E opened presents and made silly comments like 90 year olds.

Planners in crime!

Just a few of E's bridesmaids

Elizabeth & Whitney

And finally, the whole reason we threw this party. Can we look at this adorable couple? Not only do they just gush with love and engagedness, but they are perfect for each other. I'm so excited for them.

I'm so happy with the way the shower turned out. I'm so grateful for all the hard work Taylor put into it, and that I had a co-host who I worked so well with. I'm also so happy that we could hopefully give Elizabeth a shower deserving of her. She is one of the most genuine and amazing girls I have ever met, and she deserves only the best. It's hard to give someone so beautiful on the inside and out a shower worthy of her!


elizabeth, eliza, liza, liz, elles, etc. said...

this is so beautiful and amazing. i love you so much and i'm tearing up.

Lynne said...

WOW! Over the top amazing!!

Brooke said...

It's official. You are a natural at this.

Maura said...

So beautiful. Love these girls!

Kaitlin Marie Photography said...

You are absolutely incredible Hayley! This is so beautiful :)

*amber* said...

Hayley, what apartment complex is this at? The clubhouse looks really nice! I'm always on the lookout for good places to throw a party :)

Drew Watts said...

What a fun time you all had!! I am amazed to see these photographs. My friends and I are also planning a themed party in Chicago. If we get over there this week then we will host fun bachelorette party for a friend at best wedding venues Chicago. Hope we will enjoy there as we want!