February 11, 2013


Meet the newest member of our family, Lady Pingree of Brighton, or more commonly referred to as Lady. We are smitten! 
She's the cuddliest, smartest, prettiest pup around, and even when she's chewing holes in all my scarves and tracking in muddy footprints through the house, we still love her to death. 
I've been wanting a dog since Chin and I got married almost three years ago, and we finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. We both grew up with golden retrievers; Chin's parents still have two and my family's golden, Rusty, died about a month ago. It's nice to have a friendly little face around again.

One of her favorite toys is her soccer ball, we swear she was born to be a soccer player (air bud anyone?). 

She's VERY attached to her dad, mostly because he's the brave one who takes her to the bathroom in the middle of the night and feeds her lots of treats.

This face gets. me. every. time.

So... be prepared for lots of little Lady adventure stories and pictures of our growing pup, we love her to death!


anna said...

so jealous! she's such a darling little girl. my dog died last week too; i'd die for a new little puppy right about now!


RR said...

What a beauty! I am so jealous! My hubby and I have been wanting a dog for SOOOOO long. :-)